FANE Ltd Proudly presents...

Kidsafe First Aid Training.

Designed for use at key stage 1 & 2 Kidsafe is an innovative First Aid Course presented in a lively interactive style.

The Learning Resources are presented in a comic book format featuring our own comic book hero


The Course.

All students will receive:

Comprehensive first aid training delivered by qualified and CRB cleared trainers.

A Kidsafe First Aid Training comic,

A Kidsafe First Aid Trainer T shirt.

A Kidsafe First Aid Trainer badge.

The kidsafe course covers real life issues including burns, fractures, choking, dialing 999, heart attacks and resuscitation. In fact the kidsafe course covers everything that is found in our adult first aid courses...but the adults don't get the comic, T shirt or action hero!

Meeting your needs.

The course is delivered over 6 hours by qualified and CRB cleared trainers. Please note: To ensure students are given enough time to carry out the practical side of the training we can only accomodate groups of up to 14.

At FANE Ltd we are aware of the pressures of timetabling and curriculum activities. That is why we will endeavour to adapt our package to suit your needs. Session lengths and times can be arranged during or after school times. Evening or weekend sessions can be arranged for youth clubs/projects. Please Contact us for more details

First Aid Nursing Enterprises Ltd (FANE) have a long history of delivering high quality training in First Aid, Health and Safety, Manual Handling and Food Hygiene throughout the North East of England. All of their trainers are fully qualified and have enhanced CRB checks. For more details visit:

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